Autumn & Winter

I had spent two full days in my tent in the heart of Sarek National Park. Wet snow was falling outside and life was quite miserable to be honest. When I looked out of the tent early on the third morning the snowfall had finally passed and a sky full of stars was greeting me.

I decided to quickly get my gear together and hike up the mountain Låddebakte in the dark to be ready for the early morning light. I sensed that this could be a special morning.

Hiking up the mountain was easier said than done though. The slope leading up to the peak was covered with rocks and the thick layer of snow now covering them made it really hard going. It was impossible to see the hollows in between the rocks, so I had to go about carefully in the dark.

The further up the mountain I got the more winter-like the conditions became. I stopped halfway up and made a few exposures in the early light. The mountains of Sarek, completely covered in snow, were glowing in the twilight. After a while I continued up to the highest point.

Standing there in full winter conditions looking down into the valley Rapadalen with the autumn colors still covering the valley floor was an amazing experience.

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