Portrait of Magnus Lindbom on top of a mountain in Sarek

Welcome to my website! I’m a mountain & wilderness photographer with a passion for the Swedish mountains. Each year I spend around three months in the wilderness in search of that special light.

The best thing I know is to be out in the mountains with my camera. I hope that my love and appreciation for these wild places comes through in my work. 

Through my work I strive to inspire and bring awareness to what's out there – off the beaten path.

Ráhpa Light. Sarek National Park. September 2020.
Autumn Delta
Luminous Valley

In the Gallery you can explore my photographs from the Swedish wilderness. Each one is accompanied by a short story on how they were captured – feel free to have a look around.

If you find a photo that you want to bring into your home I offer beautiful Art Prints of my work. They are proudly printed by myself in my studio with attention to the finest details. 

You can also support my work by joining as a Supporter. In return you get access to exclusive content including in-depth videos about mountain photography & adventure.

Want to know which gear I’m using? Download my free PDF Gear List.

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