In Search of the Light

My journey as a photographer began 15 years ago in a remote valley in the Swedish Mountains. There I fell in love with both the mountains and photography at the same time. I kind of knew right then and there that I was hooked for life.

Since then I have been exploring the mountains of Sarek, Padjelanta, Kebnekaise and lots of other lesser-known places. I have spent countless nights in a tent experiencing everything from the fiercest of snowstorms to the most calm and serene summer mornings.

I have climbed mountains, crossed rivers, battled mosquitoes in the summer and pulled my pulk painstakingly slow through deep snow in the winter. All in search of that photograph.

Through my work I want to bring you along on my journey as I explore these wild places, the changing seasons and the fleeting moments of light.

My photographs are available as carefully made and signed Art Prints. Printed by myself in my studio on the finest materials.

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