Following My Dream – 1 Year Update

Today it’s been a year since I decided to make a change in my life and pursue my dream of making a living as a mountain photographer. Wait a minute! Making a living out of your passion? Let me explain! Before this decision I had been making my main income from leading photo tours, which […]

New Photographs – In Search of The Light

The valleys Alggavagge and Guohpervagge in Sarek National Park

In this post I share new photographs captured during last summers two week adventure in Sarek National Park that I documented in the film In Search of The Light. As a photographer I strive to capture the different moods and atmospheres that I experience in the mountains. The fleeting moments when the light breaks through […]

In Search of The Light

Back in August I spent two weeks in Sarek National Park with the hope of capturing those fleeting moments of light that only exists in the mountains. When I came back home and began the editing process it turned out this film was about more than just those two weeks out there. The story went […]

A Tough Decision

I’m back home after 16 days of photographic work in Sarek National Park. Two weeks full of experiences that will take some time to digest. This post is about a tough decision I had to make during the expedition. Imagine yourself being out there alone. You’re facing a challenging situation. You’re not certain of the […]

Niak & Winter Peaks

The mountain Niak in Sarek National Park catches the first light on a winter morning.

In this post I’m going to tell you the story behind two photographs captured during a late April adventure into Sarek National Park back in 2020. I was trying to keep my pack as light as possible, yet it weighed 30 kg. Still lightweight for a week-long winter trip with all of my camera gear. […]

Update – In Search of The Light

My new film In Search of The Light will be premiering for Supporters this week and I thought it was a good time to share a bit more about it with you. Back in August I packed gear and food (35 kg in total) and headed out for two weeks in Sarek National Park. The […]

The Art of Getting There

Photography is all about being in the right place at the right time. But what about the journey to get there? For winter photography in remote mountains the “getting there” is a real challenge. It requires a multitude of skills and, as I’m out alone, I have to rely completely on myself. Being out for […]

Storm Light in Sarek

Autumn colors and morning light in Rapadalen in Sarek National Park

I had been out for nearly two weeks and only had a couple of days of food left in my backpack. I had been waiting for the right light conditions for days and I was starting to lose hope of getting a good photograph from this location overlooking Rapadalen in Sarek National Park. According to […]