The Beginning of The Project

It was late in the evening and the wind had finally calmed down. I got my gear together, attached it to the packraft (the inflatable boat that I used on this adventure) and began paddling. The clock had just passed midnight and the lake lay calm as a mirror in front of me. It was […]

The End of Autumn

The sun sets over Pärlävens Nature Reserve near Kvikkjokk. The mountains Nammatj and Staika is reflecting in the lake Saggat.

After photographing this magical sunset over Pärlälvens Nature Reserve I packed down my camera knowing that it was the last photograph I would make this autumn. I let it all soak in. I was mesmerized by the landscape and the light in front of me. The snow-capped mountains in the distance. The fog dancing around […]

A Journey through the Cold

I’ve always been drawn to the cold, both as an outdoorsman and as a photographer. Extreme cold often brings beautiful light but also cold feet and fingers. In low temperatures everything takes more time. The cold makes me work harder, which I enjoy. During the last days of November cold air moved in over north […]

Forest Reflections

Supporters can enjoy the film in the highest quality (Vimeo) Over the years I’ve made numerous adventures that didn’t result in any good photographs. I’ve even come home completely empty handed after a long backpacking trip deep into the Swedish wilderness. It’s easy to think of those as failures but usually these are the ones you learn […]