The Higher Land

You can help me keep going & creating out there by joining me as a Supporter. You also get access to exclusive content and the opportunity to learn the art and craft of wilderness photography together with me. Thank you! Supporters can enjoy the film in the highest quality (Vimeo) In July I spent nearly two weeks […]

By Foot & Paddle through Padjelanta

I’m home again after nearly two weeks of hiking, packrafting, photography and filmmaking in Padjelanta National Park. Here’s some impressions of my days out there. I will create a film from the trip and for Supporters there’s a Sneak Peak available today. If you enjoy my work your’e welcome to join as a Supporter. Before […]

17 Days Alone in the Wilderness

In July this year I headed out on a 17 day long adventure in the National Parks of Sarek and Padjelanta here in the Swedish mountains. Alone. Here’s my story. Supporters can enjoy the film in the highest quality (Vimeo). This film is the start of a new chapter for my my work in the Swedish mountains. […]

Exploring the Seasons

As a mountain photographer here in Sweden I’ve really come to appreciate the seasons. They are, as the landscapes themselves, a continuous source of inspiration. I really enjoy trying to portrait them and each season comes with its own possibilities and challenges. It’s an exploration in itself, learning about the different seasons, how to travel […]

Capturing the Essence

One thing that I have asked myself lately is how to capture the sense of a place and the experience of being there in a photograph. I talked a bit about this topic in the conversation I had with Sam Gregory on the Togcast and it got me thinking even more. Composition and light are […]