The Call of The Forest

During the weekend I spent two peaceful nights in the old forests of Helvetesbrännans Nature Reserve in Jämtland. The snow had barely melted away, ice was still covering the lakes and the forest was waking up after a long winter. This time I was out to prepare myself and try a few things for the […]

Winter Forest

I had been waiting for it, the first real snowfall of the season. When the forecast promised over two decimeters of snow I packed my gear and headed deep into the old forests of Jämtland. More precisely to Hotagens Nature Reserve close to where I live. Hotagens Nature Reserve contains one of the largest protected […]

Into The Forest

Earlier in June I headed out to scout a new area in the deep forests of Jämtland – in Hotagens Nature Reserve. I had been wanting to go there for a long time so it was with great excitement that I packed my packraft, tent and wood stove to head deep into this vast and […]