Moments in The Wilderness

Help me bring the project to life – Pre-order my debut film Moments in The Wilderness!

The film follows my work as a photographer during one year in the Swedish wilderness. My ambition is to capture the spirit of the mountains and the old forest in a beautiful documentary film with elements of poetry.

The pre-order will give you access to stream Moments in The Wilderness once it’s finished in December 2024. The film will also be available to stream for monthly Supporters.

When you decide to pre-order the film your’e not only get to experience a year in the Swedish wilderness through my eyes (and ears!), but you’re also supporting me as an artist making this and future projects possible.

Update 2 July 2024: Field work is completed! I now have a year of experiences and material to go through and refine into a finished film. Thanks to everyone who have pre-ordered so far.



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