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I’m very excited to announce my new project Moments in The Wilderness. A documentary film following my work as a photographer in the Swedish wilderness throughout a whole year – from June 2023 to June 2024. I’m also creating a Limited Edition Print Portfolio including 10 original prints with my favorite photographs from the project.

My Vision

There are few people who have spent as much time as I’ve done photographing in the mountains and old forests of Sweden. During the years I’ve developed a deep relationship with these places that I now want to share with you through a full-length documentary film.

I want to capture the spirit of the mountains and the old forest. I want to bring you along on my adventures during one year – some of them will be to places that have never been photographed before.

The wilderness areas I will work in include Sarek National Park, Sjaunja Nature Reserve, Pärlälvens Nature Reserve, Ultevis Nature Reserve and Muddus National Park.

I want to show you the beauty and stillness of the last wilderness of Europe. From the high mountains to the old forests. From the midnight sun to the darkness and cold of midwinter.

Along with the film I will also produce a beautiful Limited Edition Print Portfolio including 10 of my favorite photographs from the year.

I Need Your Help

I’m devoting one and a half year of my life to this project. The fieldwork – filming and photography – will take place between June 2023 – June 2024. The film will premiere, after edit and post-production work are complete, in the end of 2024.

In addition to my time I will have expenses for travel, equipment and music licensing. To fund the project and make the film as good as I know it can be I need your help.

Support the project in the following ways:

Moments in The Wilderness Film by Magnus Lindbom

Pre-Order The Film

The film is available as a Pre-Order today. This is an opportunity for you to get involved in the project and support the making of the film. With your help I can bring the stories of the wilderness to life!

Pre-Order The Print Portfolio

The Moments in The Wilderness Print Portfolio is the perfect companion to the film and a great way to further support the project.

The Print Portfolio will include 10 of my favorite photographs from the year and only 200 copies will ever be made. I offer free worldwide shipping when you pre-order today!

Become a Supporter

Get behind the scenes of the project by becoming a Supporter. You can choose from three different levels of support – here are some of the things you get in return:

  • Access to stream Moments in The Wilderness (December 2024).
  • Exclusive behind the scenes, sneak peaks and insights from the project.
  • Supporter only live events and Q&As via Zoom.
  • Access to the growing archive of Supporter videos, including my recent Wilderness Backpacking & Winter Adventure Series.

If you choose the Print Collector tier you will in addition to the above receive one of my finely crafted Art Prints after each full year of Support.

Reasons to Support The Project

  • You might already have enjoyed a few of my shorter films on YouTube. This is your chance to help me make a full-length film come to life.
  • You see the value of an honest and beautiful documentary film that captures the spirit of the Swedish mountains and old forests.
  • You’re excited to follow my work as a wilderness photographer throughout the seasons – from midnight sun to midwinter.
  • You want to support my work as an independent artist following my own path.

I’m really looking forward to begin the work with the project soon with a two week adventure to capture the spirit of early summer in the old forest.

Thank you for helping me making this project come to life!

/ Magnus

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