The End of Autumn

The sun sets over Pärlävens Nature Reserve near Kvikkjokk. The mountains Nammatj and Staika is reflecting in the lake Saggat.
Autumn Sunset – Pärlälvens Nature Reserve. October 2022.
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After photographing this magical sunset over Pärlälvens Nature Reserve I packed down my camera knowing that it was the last photograph I would make this autumn. I let it all soak in. I was mesmerized by the landscape and the light in front of me.

The snow-capped mountains in the distance. The fog dancing around the valley floor. The delicate ripples on the water surface. The vibrant colors of the sunset that slowly faded away into the night.

Since August I’ve been photographing in the nearby mountains of Sarek. I’ve been continuing my work to portray this wilderness. It doesn’t come easy.

I felt it in my body but even more so in my mind. Carrying a heavy backpack is one thing, but what’s most challenging is doing it alone.

However – It’s a choice I’ve made.

I’m more connected with nature when I’m on my own which I believe results in stronger photographs. I also doubt that anyone would be motivated to climb the same mountain three times just to capture that special light. Or at least with the hope of doing so!

When it comes to mountain photography in remote places one thing is certain; hard work and patience is needed to be successful.

It was time for me to go home to go through the photographs I’ve captured during more than a month in the mountains. Now is also the time to prepare the equipment for what’s to come; winter.

The Sami, the indigenous people of the north, divides the year into eight seasons. Late autumn – Tjaktja – will soon become early winter – Tjaktjadálvve.

For me as a wilderness photographer it means new possibilities as well as new challenges. The cold, the darkness, the deep snow and the wonderful light of midwinter.

It’s time to dust off the skis and snowshoes.

A new season awaits …

/ Magnus

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