New Photographs from Sarek

I’m finally ready to share some new photographs from Sarek National Park captured on my September adventure last year. You might recognize a few from my film Into The Mountains.

Working as a photographer in wild and remote places forces me to adapt to the environment and what the weather gives me. When I headed out this time I had a vision of what I wanted to capture, but I came back with something completely different.

It’s these adventures that really makes me develop and grow as a photographer. They force me to think differently and explore new photographic possibilities.

Once again the mountains had teached me a few lessons and guided my photography in a new direction.

Saitaristjåkkå in the Pårte mountains in Sarek National Park.
Saitaris – Sarek National Park. September 2021.
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Saitaristjåkkå is one of my favorite mountains in Sarek. Its name – Saitaris – is the Sami word for “Spear” which I think think is suiting for one of Swedens most spectacular mountains.

I’ve photographed Saitaristjåkkå many times but this morning was different. As the thick fog cleared its characteristic shape was slowly and mysteriously revealed before my eyes.

The mountains of Skårki and the valley Rapadalen in Sarek National Park.
Light & Shadow – Sarek National Park. September 2021.
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I had spent two days in the tent waiting out an early snowstorm when the weather finally cleared and this spectacular light illuminated the mountainside with the peaks of Skårki rising into the clouds above and the valley Rapadalen with its river meandering in the shadows below.

The Luohttolahko plateau and the Tarrekaise mountains in Sarek National Park.
Ethereal – Sarek National Park. September 2021.
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After days of wind, rain and snow I woke up early with the stars shining from a clear sky. I got my camera gear ready and headed up a mountain to capture the first light of the day.

From above I could see the Luohttolahko plateau and the snow-covered Tarrekaise mountains glowing in the twilight. A magical moment of stillness after days of harsh weather.

The mountains of the Oalgasj (Ålkatj) massif in Sarek National Park.
Alpine Shapes – Sarek National Park. September 2021.

As a photographer I can loose myself in the shapes of the mountains and I love compositions like these in which one can enjoy the graphical qualities of the mountain landscape. The Oalgasj mountains in central Sarek.

Twilight over Sarvesvagge and Skaitetjåkka in Sarek National Park.
Twilight – Sarek National Park. September 2021.

The beautiful hues of twilight over the valley Sarvesvagge and the mountain Skaitetjåkka.

Sunrise over Dielma (Tielma) in Sarek with the mountains Spijkka, Voujnestjåhkkå and Sarvatjåhkkå in the background.
Mountain Sunrise – Sarek National Park. September 2021.
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The sun rises over Dielma in central Sarek with the mountains of Spijkka, Voujnestjåhkkå and Sarvatjåhkkå in the background. Aside from the beautiful light, the warmth of the rising sun was also welcome as temperatures during the night had been far below freezing.

Light shines on the snow-covered mountain Saitaristjåkkå in Sarek National Park.
Saitaris II – Sarek National Park. September 2021.
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The appearance of a mountain changes as one hikes around it. From this angle, and with different light and weather conditions, Saitaristjåkkå looked completely different. Compare it with the first image in this post to see the difference yourself.

Autumn colors in Pårek with the snow-covered mountains of Pårte in the distance.
Autumn Reflection – Sarek National Park. September 2021.

This was the last photograph I captured. The autumn colors of Pårek juxtaposed against the snow-capped mountains of Pårte intrigued me. As did the rocks beneath the surface of the lake in the foreground.

A beautiful way to end the adventure.

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/ Magnus

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