New Photographs – In Search of The Light

In this post I share new photographs captured during last summers two week adventure in Sarek National Park that I documented in the film In Search of The Light.

As a photographer I strive to capture the different moods and atmospheres that I experience in the mountains.

The fleeting moments when the light breaks through the dark clouds.

The way the mist gracefully sweeps around the mountains. Revealing its different shapes and forms.

The delicate dusting of snow on a rugged peak.

The peaceful mornings when everything is so quiet that you can hear your own heartbeat.

Luminous Valley – Sarek National Park. August 2021.
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After days of bad weather I could finally see some faint light breaking through the clouds. Inspired, I got my camera ready and ran to where I could get a good composition. Well there I realized I had the wrong lens on.

Back to the tent to grab a wider lens and then back again. I was lucky to capture the best part of the show. As with most mountain light the moment didn’t last for long.

To me this is Sarek at its best. The rivers, the lush green of the valley floor, the mountains and that elusive light.

Light of the Wilderness – Sarek National Park. August 2021.

Beams of light breaks through the dark clouds on a moody day in Sarek. A fleeting moment in the heart of this great wilderness.

After the Rain – Sarek National Park. August 2021.
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It had rained a lot during the previous day and I had been hiding from the weather inside the tent. As they say, after rain comes sunshine. Well, in Sarek I can assure you it’s not always the case – but at least it was true this time.

I was inspired by the juxtaposition of the lush green of the lower terrain against the dark foreboding mountains in the background. I waited for the light to shine on the foreground to further enhance this contrast.

Above the Clouds – Sarek National Park. August 2021.

The peaks had been hidden behind low clouds for days when the weather improved and I was finally on my way up the mountain. I began the ascent in thick fog. As I gained altitude I climbed above the cloud inversion into a dreamlike landscape.

The peak of Gávabákte were barely reaching above the clouds and I was lucky to capture this rare moment.

Alpine Simplicity – Sarek National Park. August 2021.

As the mist sweeped around the mountains different compositions revealed themselves. It was an exciting morning to be a photographer. After hours of photography I headed down to camp for a well deserved breakfast.

Rugged Peak – Sarek National Park. August 2021.

A rugged peak in the heart of Sarek after a dusting of snow. I was inspired by the contrast of bright snow against dark rock and the subtle light barely noticeable to the eye.

Glowing Mountain – Sarek National Park. August 2021.
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I set out early to get up on a ridge before sunrise. I scrambled up a steep slope of sharp rocks that after a cold night were covered with frost. The slippery rocks were making my progress slow and cumbersome.

Two hours later I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. Mount Souttasjtjåhkkå were glowing in the very first light of the day while mist were sweeping around its peak.

I think of this photograph as a portrait of a mountain. Revealing every nuance of its weather-beaten face.

Áhkká – Sarek National Park. August 2021.
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This was the last photograph I made during my August adventure. It was one of those serene mountain mornings. When the light eventually got too harsh for photography I sat down on a rock and took the time to soak it all in.

The only thing I could hear was a few birds celebrating the morning, the sound of a distant waterfall and my own hearbeat.

I coudn’t have asked for a better way to end my adventure than with the Queen of Lapland – Áhkká.

/ Magnus

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