Exploring the Seasons

As a mountain photographer here in Sweden I’ve really come to appreciate the seasons. They are, as the landscapes themselves, a continuous source of inspiration. I really enjoy trying to portrait them and each season comes with its own possibilities and challenges. It’s an exploration in itself, learning about the different seasons, how to travel through them and how to photograph them.

In the images below I’ve tried to capture two of the seasonal transitions. Winter turning to spring and autumn turning to winter.

Patterns of Spring.

It’s early July and winter is slowly turning into summer in Padjelanta. The lake that has been covered with ice since late autumn is finally breaking. I find the patterns that the snowfields creates this time of year really interesting to work with. Some of them will survive the temporary warmth of summer and be around when winter arrives again.

It’s September and autumn gradually turns into winter in Sarek. A snowstorm clears and reveals the mountains of Ähpar covered in one of the seasons first dustings of snow. There’s something about mountain peaks covered in fresh snow that I think everyone who has experienced can relate to. It’s as if the mountains come alive.

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