Capturing the Essence

A rain shower in backlight. Padjelanta National Park – July 2019.

One thing that I have asked myself lately is how to capture the sense of a place and the experience of being there in a photograph.

I talked a bit about this topic in the conversation I had with Sam Gregory on the Togcast and it got me thinking even more.

Composition and light are the foundation of every landscape photograph, but then there is that intangible quality of a photograph that you just can’t explain. That sense of place and time. Of being there.

In other words, some kind of essence of the landscape.

Can one capture that with a camera? Honestly, I don’t know, but I think the photograph from Padjelanta National Park above does that for me in a way. Ironically, it’s more about the light and the mood than it is about the place and maybe that’s the thing.

Maybe it’s the mood and atmosphere in a photograph that make it come alive and adds some of that sense of place and time.

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