A Journey through the Cold

I’ve always been drawn to the cold, both as an outdoorsman and as a photographer. Extreme cold often brings beautiful light but also cold feet and fingers. In low temperatures everything takes more time. The cold makes me work harder, which I enjoy.

During the last days of November cold air moved in over north of Sweden and Lapland. Temperatures plummeted to record lows for the season. Locally down to minus 40 degrees celsius.

In such cold the camera gets slow and becomes hard to operate (but still works!). Everything ices up and batteries have to be kept close to the body and switched often.

I have learned to operate my camera with mitts on which is essential to keep fingers warm and to avoid frostbite.

Here’s a series of photographs captured during eight really cold days in Lapland. I’ve also created a short film / visual poem to go along with them.

Forest Mosaic – Muddus National Park. November 2021.
Above the Forest – Muddus National Park. November 2021.
Winter Graphic – Pärlälvens Nature Reserve. November 2021.
Frost Covered – Piteälven. December 2021.
Frozen – Piteälven. December 2021.
River Dream – Pärlälven. November 2021.
Arctic Light – Pärlälven. November 2021.

I hope you enjoyed this rather cold post. I will continue to work throughout midwinter to capture more of the beautiful cold light.

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/ Magnus

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