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My new film In Search of The Light will be premiering for Supporters this week and I thought it was a good time to share a bit more about it with you.

Back in August I packed gear and food (35 kg in total) and headed out for two weeks in Sarek National Park. The first days I pushed hard and I was really feeling the weight of my backpack. Carrying almost 10 kg of camera gear is a downside of being a photographer. The benefits and image quality do outweigh the suffering though.

You can find out a bit more about the adventure in this blog post.

Crossing a river in Sarek, three times for the viewers! (from In Search of The Light)

I approach both my photography and filmmaking in the same way. I don’t go out with a story in mind, although I do have a plan. Instead I let the adventure and the story unfold.

During the middle of the adventure low clouds rolled in and covered the peaks that I had planned to photograph. Instead of giving it up I deciced to stick around and wait.

After three days I was rewarded with some fantastic light. Patience is key for the mountain photographer and a skill I’ve acquired over the years.

Waiting for the light. Mountain photography requires patience. (from In Search of The Light)

When I began the editing process back in October last year I realized that the film was not only about this adventure. The story went a bit deeper than that. It was about the last 15 years of my life which I’ve been devoting to photographing the Swedish mountains.

The title of the film – In Search of the Light – has been my mantra ever since those first adventures with the camera.

Enjoying a beautiful morning up on a ridge during the last part of my adventure. (from In Search of The Light)

The film has been quite a lot of work and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. I’m looking forward to share it with you soon.

I rely on the generous support of my audience to create these films. If you enjoy my work your’e welcome to join as a Supporter. And you will be among the first to watch “In Search of the Light”.

/ Magnus

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