Magnus Lindbom


It’s out there, I feel alive.

 My journey as a photographer started high up in the Swedish Mountains, in an desolate valley called Unna Readavaggi I fell in love with both the mountains and photography at the same time.

During the following years I spent as much time with my camera as possible learning about light and composition. I have done

I’m a landscape photographer with a passion for the mountains. Each year I spend more than 100 nights in a tent in the Swedish mountains in search of that special photograph.

It’s out there in the wilderness I feel alive, when the light and the landscape comes together and forms that special moment. My ambition as a photographer is to portrait that moment.

For me the experience is as important as the final photograph and it’s a necessity for creativity.

Aside from my own work I also run photographic workshops and tours and I really enjoy helping other photographers to evolve in their image making.


You can contact me by email or using the form on the contact page.