Night in The Old Forest

The work with my project Moments in The Wilderness continues – so far I’ve logged over 50 days of field work. Here’s a greeting from a night in the old forest.


It’s October and the days are getting shorter and shorter. I’m in the forests of Sjaunja Nature Reserve. The trees here are old – some of them began their life over 600 years ago. They’ve definitely been through a lot.

The darkness slowly sets around me. This time of year, during late autumn, nature becomes quiet. All I can hear is the sound of the wind gently blowing through the treetops above me and the comforting crackle of my campfire.

There’s a special feeling here, one that I can’t fully describe in words.

I sit in silence and listen. For a moment I experience the spirit of the old forest.


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Thanks to all of you who have been supporting the project and my work so far!

/ Magnus

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