The Higher Land

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In July I spent nearly two weeks exploring the more remote parts of Padjelanta National Park with my camera. I used a packraft to be able to travel more freely on the lakes and cross some rivers that would be impossible on foot.

I had been in this area a few times over the years so I knew that to be able to reach some of these places I needed a boat.

Paddling alone in a packraft on large mountain lakes requires caution. Not only can the wind pick up at any time and make it impossible to paddle or dangerous if you’re far out.

The water in these lakes are also cold even in the summer and the risk of hypothermia if the packraft fails is not to be underestimated.

It would have been wise to have packed a drysuit but with a backpack already weighing 35 kg with all the gear and food I decided to leave it at home.

Photography wise Padjelanta is a challenging landscape to work in. It’s not as “iconic” as its neighbor Sarek. The terrain is more gentle and I believe that it requires a different approach to make it justice in a photograph.

I got a few good moments of light this time, but they were rare. As I say after every adventure – I need to come back and do more work. Hopefully already next summer.

I hope you enjoy the film. It’s a tribute to this land that I’ve come to cherish so much.

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/ Magnus

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