Packrafting in the Forests of Jämtland

I’m really excited about this post as Mountains & Beyond enters a new chapter. From now on I will create films from my adventures to bring you along in search of the photographs in the Swedish wilderness.

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In the beginning of June I headed out to explore a new wilderness area of ancient forests and lakes close to home. It’s called Jougdadalen and is a large Nature Reserve in northern Jämtland.

I brought the packraft with me to travel on the water instead of bushwacking in the deep forest. It proved to be a wise decision. It might look easy on film but the reality of packrafting means quite hard work carrying all the gear in and between lakes and around rapids. But there’s a magic of travelling on the water that is worth the effort.

I’ve been photographing in the Swedish mountains for quite some time but I haven’t been exploring the surrounding forests as much as the mountains themselves. In the future I hope this is going to change as my ambition with Mountains & Beyond is to portrait everything from the rugged high alpine terrain to the wild forests in the lower land.

Although I didn’t get to do as much photography as I had hoped for during the week it was still a very rewarding adventure and I learned a lot about the area and the terrain, knowledge that I will carry with me on the next trip. Because I will definitely return in the future to try to capture this place.

One of the mornings the king of the forest (known as the Moose) made a brief appearance into my composition. It was only there for half a minute before it decided to head into the shadows of the dense forest again.

I enjoy the small animal in the larger scene but it’s hard to show on the screen so I post both a crop and the full image below.

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