Into The Mountains

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In September 2021 I headed into the mountains of Sarek National Park for two weeks of photography. As always, I had ideas of what I wanted capture. But as often is the case, mother nature’s plan didn’t align with mine.

The weather was very cold for September with temperatures below freezing every night except one (and not much warmer during the days).

The harsh weather conditions forced me to change my approach and look beyond my own expectations.

Hilleberg Soulo in the high mountains of Sarek National Park.
One of my campsites during the adventure. My trusty Hilleberg Soulo kept me away from the cold and harsh weather outside. Sarek National Park, September 2021.

Stuck in the tent in an early snowstorm in the heart of Sarek I got time to reflect upon my photographic endeavors and how they have changed over the years.

Early in my career, when I was younger, I felt the need to prove to myself and others that I could do it. Over the years, this has become less important. I do appreciate the challenges involved and I like the feeling of pushing myself once in while, but what’s most important is the experience and the connection with nature.

It’s not about going higher or longer anymore. Instead I strive to go deeper.

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/ Magnus

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