Forest Reflections

Supporters can enjoy the film in the highest quality (Vimeo)

Over the years I’ve made numerous adventures that didn’t result in any good photographs. I’ve even come home completely empty handed after a long backpacking trip deep into the Swedish wilderness.

It’s easy to think of those as failures but usually these are the ones you learn the most from. It just takes a little time to realize it.

On this week-long outing I decided to not have any expectations or goals for my photography. Instead it was all about getting to know a new area and explore the old growth forest.

It’s a slightly different film compared to my previous ones but I hope you enjoy it.

I have a lot of exciting things coming up. I’m currently working on new films from two longer adventures that I made in the last couple of months (Sneak Peak available for Supporters).

If you want to help me keep going and creating these films from my photographic adventures in the Swedish wilderness – your’e welcome to join as a Supporter.

As a Supporter you also get bonus content, early access to new films and an inside look into my process as a mountain & wilderness photographer.

Thank you & take care!

/ Magnus

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