Climbing a Mountain

Here’s a short film simply about Climbing a Mountain. Captured during a week-long adventure in the Kebnekaise mountains in April.

Supporters can enjoy the film in the highest quality (Vimeo).

A note on each day of the adventure follows:

Day 1 & 2. The adventure began with two long days of skiing. 35 km in total and with an altitude gain of around 500 meters. With the heavy pulk behind me it was hard going but it felt so good to be out again.

Day 3. During the night the wind picked up and it started to snow. In the morning winds were reaching gale force. I decided to wait for the weather to improve.

Day 4. The wind finally calmed down. I packed up camp and continued over flat pulk-friendly terrain. When I arrived at the foot of the mountain I left my pulk and skis and changed to snowshoes and backpack as I now entered steeper terrain.

After two hours I reached the spot that I had marked out on the map. It was still a little windy but I found a good sheltered place to pitch the tent.

Day 5. Climbed the mountain the first time. This morning was incredibly hazy so I didn’t get any good photographs. Spent the rest of the day hanging around camp. These are usually the times when the feeling of loneliness comes creeping. This was no exception.

Day 6. I woke up just after midnight. Weather conditions looked better. Fired up the stove, made myself a cup of tea and filled up two bottles with hot water. Got my snowshoes on and in the light of the headlamp I followed my tracks in the snow from the day before.

I made slow but steady progress and within a couple of hours I was standing on top of the mountain. I watched as the light gradually shifted from the subtle blue hues of the twilight to the warm colors at sunrise.

I used my telephoto lens to frame the rugged peaks in the distance as they were glowing in the first light. Stunningly beautiful.

After an hour or so I hiked back to the tent, had breakfast, packed up my gear and headed down to get the equipment I had left behind.

I then skied 30 km and was totally exhausted when I pitched my tent that evening. I had to force myself to eat and drink properly before quickly falling asleep. It had been a long day.

Day 7. Woke up feeling better than I thought. Beautiful spring day. Skied 15 km. It was time to go home.

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Back to planning the next adventure.

/ Magnus

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