The Sound of Adventure

Hilleberg Soulo during a storm in Sarek National Park.
Waiting out the weather inside my trusty Hilleberg Soulo.

18 August 2021
Location: Sarek National Park


I’m writing this inside my tent below the mighty dark peaks of the Sarek massif. At the moment they are hidden in the low clouds.

The tent is making loud noises as fierce wind gusts falls down from the glaciers above. Combined with heavy rain it’s a sound I’ve come to know well.

The sound of the elements. The sound of adventure.

It’s comforting to lie here in my sleeping bag and listen to it. Only with a thin fabric separating me from the harsh conditions outside.

At home I take the basic comforts of having a roof over my head for granted. Out here I feel extremely grateful for it.

To be able to stay dry and reasonably comfortable in bad weather like this is a luxury.

I’m lucky to have a good tent. I can only imagine the endeavors the Sámi people and the pioneers encountered back in the days with basic tents made out of simple fabrics.

Now it’s time for dinner and then some sleep. If the wind allows.

/ Magnus

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