Inspiration & The Snow Buntings

A distant mountain side barely visible in whiteout in Sarek National Park.
Some faint contrast in a white world.

13 September 2021
Location: Sarek National Park


I woke up in a snowstorm. Spent a couple of hours in my sleeping bag listening to the sound of wind and snow outside.

I’m having a well deserved rest day after pushing quite long distances the previous days.

Finally I decide to go for a walk. Wind blowing snow in my face. Despite being only September it feels as if winter has already arrived.

I feel inspired. Not because there’s anything interesting to photograph. Actually, I don’t see much at all.

This feeling of inspiration comes from somewhere else. The harsh conditions. They bring another dimension to this place.

They make me feel alive.

A flock of Snow Buntings passes by with their cheerful song.

Maybe they feel the same?

/ Magnus

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