Mountains & Beyond

Mount Bierikbakte barely visible through the low clouds. Sarek National Park. March 2015.

Mount Bierikbakte barely visible through the low clouds. Sarek National Park. March 2015.

This is the last part of a series of introductory blog posts about how a remote valley inspired me to begin this journey, what I’ve learned along the way and, in this blog post, why I created this website and Mountains & Beyond.

I’m not a Instagram star. Nor am I a YouTube expert. I’m not trying to be hip and follow trends. I’m just doing my thing. I love being out there in the mountains with my camera trying to capture what I see and feel.

But also, I want to share what I’m doing with others (yes, that’s you). For a long time I have struggled with how to do this. For years I didn’t have a website and I wasn't active on social media. I was out photographing the mountains but I kept my experiences to myself.

Inside me grew a question; what am I doing with my photography?

For someone whose been doing it for a longer time I think this question is inevitable. For the last couple of years I have been thinking deeper about what I want to do with my work.

My photography in the Swedish Mountains is not a project with an end goal. It's a journey and it's about the journey.

The more I thought about it the more it became clear that I just need to share what I'm doing as I'm doing it. To let you follow along on the adventure as it unfolds. I no longer want to wait until that book is printed or the opening of the exhibition. I just want to do it here and now. It might not seem revolutionary, but to me it is.

So I decided to build this website and start this blog as I feel that it’s the best way for me to share what I do. I will be active on social media but my focus will be here on the website and blog.

I tried to come up with a name for my work and after much thinking and getting feedback from friends I decided on ”Mountains & Beyond” (thank you Per for the suggestion). I like it a lot. It has become a motto of mine.

In a way nothing has changed. I will keep exploring the Swedish Mountains, I will keep exploring photography and I will keep teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. I have been doing all of this before but from now on I will share it with you here on the website. It’s a new chapter in my life.

This is Mountains & Beyond and it’s my dream.

I just have to do this.

/ Magnus