40 days in the wilderness

Campsite in the heart of Sarek National Park.

Campsite in the heart of Sarek National Park.

I’m back home after 40 days of adventures and photography in the mountains of Sarek and Padjelanta National Park here in Sweden. In a few days I leave again for two weeks of guiding in Iceland but thought I make a short post with a video to keep you updated. The photographs from the adventures will be published here on the website later. It will take some time to go thru them for sure.


When I started my adventures in June winter was still around in the mountains and during my 6 weeks I got to experience the landscape slowly turn into summer. That was a great experience in itself.

When you do wilderness photography there is a lot that goes into it. You have to hike, climb, cross rivers, bushwhack, fight mosquitoes and, when you are alone, be strong mentally. This has become an important part of my photography. I really enjoy working hard for the photographs but it also brings wonderful experiences that is equally important.

Lately I’ve become more aware of how these experiences has shaped me as a photographer. They inspire me to go beyond and dig deeper.

Photography is about composition and light, but also about the relationship with what you are photographing. Strengthen that relationship and your photographs will get stronger as well.