By the River

During summer and autumn I counted 37 tentnights in the Swedish mountain range. This morning was one of the highlights of the three different treks I did. In the cold and crisp morning air I stood on the very edge of a cliff face looking down on the wonderful forms of the delta system shaped by the river Rahpaädno. The autumn colors had finally arrived a couple of weeks into September.

There was not a single cloud in the sky which often is very dissapointing as a landscape photographer, especially in the mountains, but for this scene it was the perfect conditions. The total lack of clouds allowed for the first light of the day to lit up the valley floor. As the sun slowly turned around the valley opening in the east the valley gradually was painted with the rays of the morning sun. The warm quality of the light together with the autumn colors created a very special glow that I can't remember seeing before. 

The blue sky above that are reflected in the water adds a dramatic contrast to the scene. Should there have been clouds in the sky it would have looked completely different. Also the cold night had put a layer of frost on the ground. 

As a photographer you are biased towards some images because of the experience you had when you made the photograph. This is one of them as it pulls me right back to that clear September morning.