The Ptarmigan

I’m writing this today as all of us around the world are experiencing anxiety following the recent development of the Corona virus.

In days like these writing a blog post about photography might seem meaningless but I feel like the thing I can contribute with as a photographer is to try to inspire.

So I thought I share with you a with you a story from my adventures in the mountains. A story about a bird – the Ptarmigan.

Ptarmigan – Sarek National Park. March 2016.

The Ptarmigan is a true survivor. In midwinter with temperatures dropping down to minus 30 degrees celsius this bird goes about its life without any problem.

Me on the other hand I have to have a pulk full of gear. Tent, sleeping bag, warm clothes, a stove to melt snow and loads of food. Actually, without all the equipment I wouldn’t survive for long in the harsh environment of the high mountains in winter.

During some of my most challenging moments in the mountains I’ve reminded myself of this bird and it has helped me to get some perspective and strength. One could say that the Ptarmigan has teached me a thing or two about life.

No matter what, nature will always be there for us and fill us with joy, inspiration and hope.

Get out in nature if you can and if you are currently restricted in what you can do – look at old images. Go through the archives on your computer or the images on your phone and remember all the good times.

And if you get to anxious – think about the Ptarmigan.


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