First Snow in Sarek

Autumn Mood – Sarek National Park. September 2019.
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I’m back home after two weeks of photographic adventures in Sarek National Park. September can bring snow in the high mountains and this time it did. I even got a touch of winter.

The photograph above is from a morning before the snowstorm. I find the contrast between the thin layer of snow on the peaks and the autumn colored landscape very pleasing. Instead of working on a wider composition I tried to focus on the way the light interacted with the landscape. I think it makes for a more intimate and moody image.

After the snowstorm I made my way up a mountain going through deep snow in some parts. Conditions were really something and I made a couple of exposures on my way up. When you have these rare moments it’s hard to decide, should I stop here or is it even better further up?

Autumn & Winter – Sarek National Park. September 2019.
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When I finally reached the peak I could look down in the valley of Rapadalen and the contrast of standing in full winter on top of the mountain looking down on the autumn landscape in the valley below was extraordinary.

Here’s a short video giving some insight into the life as a mountain photographer:

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