A Cold Trek in Sarek

Autumn colors and the snow-covered mountains of Pårte in Sarek National Park seen from Pårek.
The last photograph I captured during my two weeks out. The glowing birch forest juxtaposed against the stark surrounding landscape intrigued me. As did the snow-capped mountains and the rocks below the surface in the foreground.

I’ve had some time to digest my latest adventure in Sarek National Park. I spent another two weeks out there with my camera and it was one of the coldest September treks I’ve ever done.

Temperature was below freezing every night except one. On my winter adventures I experience significantly lower temperatures but then I have the equipment to handle the cold. Actually, it’s easier in someways because the air is drier and it seldom rains during the winter.

I’m glad I chose a true four season tent for this trip. I thought about bringing a pyramid shelter instead to save some weight but that would have been no fun in these conditions.

Snow covered rock on a high mountain pass in Sarek National Park.
Full winter on a high pass in Sarek National Park. This part was really tricky & cold. On my way down from the pass I followed the tracks of a wolverine.

One part of the trek was a route that I hadn’t done before. I was uncertain if it would be doable at all, especially as winter had arrived early in the higher terrain.

The hardest part was a high pass with rocks covered in ice. I had to be extremely careful and my hiking poles proved to be more useful than ever before.

Cold aside, I had a good time. Photography wise I had to adjust to try to make the most of what I was given. I didn’t photograph nearly as much autumn colors as I thought I would.

Instead I just went with the flow. I find that this is the best way to do it and you can come up with some new and exciting work when you challenge yourself to take a slightly different approach. I haven’t had the time to go through the images yet – I will publish them here later.

As usual I will produce a film from this adventure. The title will be “When Time Stands Still” inspired by some thoughts I had going in my head during my time out there.

I’ve created a Sneak Peak video that is available to Supporters. As a Supporter you help me keep going & creating out there and in return you get access to special content.

I have lots of exciting things coming up inside the Supporter section of the website. You can join here. Thank you!

Hilleberg Soulo in fog in Sarek National Park.
I’m so glad I packed the Hilleberg Soulo this time. It kept me as comfortable as possible in the cold. After searching for a campsite for a while I found this patch of flat terrain surrounded by endless fields of large rocks.

Throughout the last months I’ve spent over 50 nights working in the mountains living out of my tent and I began to feel it in my body and mind.

During the end of the trek I sprained my ankle. Of course the accident happened in flat and easy terrain. I became to relaxed and had lost the focus that I had when I hiked through the difficult route a few days earlier.

It was a good reminder that accidents happens when you’re not focused on what your’e doing.

My ankle feels better now and hopefully it’s ready for some more stuff soon.

/ Magnus

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