Calm Lake
, Isle of Skye, Scotland, November 2014

A new year has arrived and as I look back on 2014 I remember a year full of beautiful experiences. I had the privilege of spending a lot of time outdoors, for which I’m very grateful. It’s the kind of life that I love and a dream I will continue to pursue in the future.

In November I was guiding a photo tour on the Outer Hebrides. I had a fantastic week together with a great group of photographers. After that week I headed to Skye for some trekking and quiet time. I hiked to this lake surrounded by the dramatic peaks and ridges of the Cuillins. The weather forecast told about unstable weather and winds so I realised that I probably could forget about a calm lake with reflections. A little disappointing as I’m very fond of reflections when it comes to mountain lakes, but this trip was more about seeing something new rather than being very productive in terms of photographs so I was in pretty good mood. It had rained a lot prior to my visit and this was evident when walking, everything was really wet and boggy. It was impossible to find a dry spot to pitch the tent, but I finally found something decent just as the darkness approached and crawled into the sleeping bag.

The second day started with a bit of sunshine, but soon the cloud cover thickened and the light got dull. As sunset approached the wind calmed down and after awhile I found myself knee deep in the water photographing a completely still lake. There was some rain showers moving around which changed the lighting conditions several times and it was just beautiful to stand and watch this subtle show. It was a meditative experience and hopefully some of that is expressed through the photograph.

Highland, Iceland, September 2014

In September earlier this year I travelled to Iceland to lead a photo tour. I arrived a few days before the particitipants to do own photography and scout some locations for the upcoming tour.

A few days into the journey I found myself up in the highlands on an evening with very strong winds. I can’t remember when I had so much trouble pitching a tent before. The ground was really soft so the pegs wouldn’t grip and the wind made me have to start from scratch a couple of times. After an hour or so of carrying lava stones to support the tent I finally could get inside for much needed sleep.

During the following morning the wind had calmed down slightly and I decided to head back to a spot I had been at the day before. It was a good choice. The weather was clearing and the sun broke through the clouds. I quickly changed my composition to include the mountain seen in the image and after fifteen minutes or so some beautiful light were hitting the peak.

Iceland is a wonderful country to travel to if one is interested in landscape photography, especially when one gets beyond the main tourist attractions and get into the “real Iceland”.

I will be arranging another photo tour to Iceland in September/October 2015. If you are interested in joining me there is one spot available for this trip. Read more about it on

Autumn River Delta, Lapland, September 2014

During summer and autumn I counted 37 tent nights in the Swedish mountain range. This morning was one of the highlights of the three treks I did. In the cold and crisp morning air I stood on the very edge of a cliff face looking down on the wonderful forms of the delta system shaped by the river Rahpaädno. The autumn colors had finally arrived a couple of weeks into September.

There was not a single cloud in the sky which often is very dissapointing as a landscape photographer, especially in the mountains, but for this scene it was the perfect conditions. The total lack of clouds allowed for the first light of the day to lit up the valley floor. As the sun slowly turned around the valley opening in the east the valley was gradually painted with the rays of the morning sun. The warm quality of the light together with the autumn colors created a very special glow.

The blue sky above that are reflected in the water adds a dramatic contrast to the scene. Should there have been clouds in the sky it would have looked completely different. Also the cold night had put a layer of frost on the ground.

As a photographer you are biased towards some images because of the experience you had when you made the photograph. This is one of them as it pulls me right back to that wonderful September morning.

Stormlight, Lofoten, March 2014

After two weeks of leading intense and really fun photo tours in Lofoten I headed out for some time by my own. I didn’t feel very well, some kind of flu had me in its grip. The weather, however, looked so promising that I couldn’t stay inside.

I have probably written this many times before but what really fascinates me with places like Lofoten is the shifting weather and this day had it all. I was at one of my favorite spots along the coastline when another photographer showed up. The weather was pretty bad and I laughed and said hello. The wind was howling so I didn’t here every bit of what he said but I understood that he didn’t like the weather at all. I remember replying “this is really what you want”. He left and I stayed.

I walked back and forth on the beach with the rain and wind surrounding me. I knew from experience that something might happen with the light and surely it did. After half an hour or so there was a hint of light back on the horizon from there everything went really fast with the sun peeking through the clouds for just a minute or so before it disappeared again. I managed to do this simple composition with some wave action in the foreground. These moments are what I love most about photography and when I feel most alive.


In the new issue of Swedish magazine Camera Natura I’m featured with a 12 pages long article as well as the cover photo. The images are mostly of mountains and coastline from the last couple of years. Together with the images there is a text that I’ve written about the experience of working with different kinds of light.

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The title of the article is “En värld av ljus” or in English “A world of light”.