Stormlight, Lofoten, March 2014

After two weeks of leading intense and really fun photo tours in Lofoten I headed out for some time by my own. I didn’t feel very well, some kind of flu had me in its grip. The weather, however, looked so promising that I couldn’t stay inside.

I have probably written this many times before but what really fascinates me with places like Lofoten is the shifting weather and this day had it all. I was at one of my favorite spots along the coastline when another photographer showed up. The weather was pretty bad and I laughed and said hello. The wind was howling so I didn’t here every bit of what he said but I understood that he didn’t like the weather at all. I remember replying “this is really what you want”. He left and I stayed.

I walked back and forth on the beach with the rain and wind surrounding me. I knew from experience that something might happen with the light and surely it did. After half an hour or so there was a hint of light back on the horizon from there everything went really fast with the sun peeking through the clouds for just a minute or so before it disappeared again. I managed to do this simple composition with some wave action in the foreground. These moments are what I love most about photography and when I feel most alive.


In the new issue of Swedish magazine Camera Natura I’m featured with a 12 pages long article as well as the cover photo. The images are mostly of mountains and coastline from the last couple of years. Together with the images there is a text that I’ve written about the experience of working with different kinds of light.

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The title of the article is “En värld av ljus” or in English “A world of light”.



Winter Hues, Lapland, March 2014

This is another image from my journey into the winter mountains of Lapland that I did earlier this year. It was a special morning with one of the more surreal light displays I’ve ever witnessed.

I got up early and skied to a spot that I had found the day before. I got my compositon ready when some low clouds moved in around the peaks. My intention was to work with the very first blue light that in the winter can be so magical, but because of the clouds in the sky and around the peaks it didn’t work out the way I wanted to.

After a while, as the sun got closer to the horizon, the clouds started to pick up these wonderful hues of magenta. It started outside of the frame, to the left where the sun was rising but slowly travelled across the sky and into my composition as it got more and more intense. At the same time the clouds that covered the peaks moved away.

It’s hard to believe that light like this exists, but this early winter morning it did.



Mountain Light, Lapland, March 2014
(View it larger by clicking on the image)

During the second half of March I was out for two weeks in the snow covered mountains of Lapland. For me it was an eye-opening and truly inspirational experience. Although I’ve been in the mountains during the winter months before it was a few years ago and my photographic eye wasn’t as developed then as it is now.

I enjoy photography the most when I’m challenged, both photographically and physically. A journey on skis in the mountains brings you both. The landscape is very barren in the winter with much less feautures than in summer or autumn and it can be both good and bad for a photographer. I tend to like minimalistic composition but sometimes it can get to simple. The light however can be extraordinary. Because almost everything is covered with snow the landscape picks up light in a very different way than in the summer months. It takes some time to get used to.

The cold can make it hard to do photography and everything takes longer time to set up. Also you want to make sure you don’t ski into your compositions. It’s like working in a desert or on a beach, you have to be careful about how you move.

This image was made during a wonderful morning. I had made another photograph in the early morning light and decided to ski up on this plateau to see how the light would develop. A couple of minutes after I got up, rather sweaty, the light started break through and together with low clouds that circulated around the peaks created a great atmosphere. It was fantastic experience and a morning that I will remember for a long time.

As everything happened rather quickly I didn’t have time to change lens so I did a three image panorama with a 24 mm lens to get the “the whole picture” of the mountain peaks and ridges. I decided to make the image black and white to emphasize the light and mood.


Desolate, Lapland, Sweden – August 2013

This image was made during a hike in

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the mountains of Kebnekaise in August last year. I remember seeing these clouds coming from my campsite and decided quickly to get up on a (not so high) peak to get a somewhat higher vantage point. Usually as the clouds roll in the light goes away but it wasn’t the case this time. It stayed around and I got a wonderful hour or so with magnificent light.

For this image I used a 90 mm tilt-shift lens and used the shift to make two horizontal frames which I then stitched together in Photoshop to get this slightly wider format. In this case I think the format is key to the success of the image. The whole concept of it being the sweeping movement horizontally and the feel of light and shadow as it brings shape and form to this otherwise flat landscape.

The name of the plateau is Cievrraláhku and is one of my favorite ways to get into the mountains in this area.

View it larger in the Gallery